"Ghost Guns" the New Boogie Man

thoughts on the proposed new ghost gun laws

josh emery

8/6/20232 min read

"Ghost Guns" the New Boogie Man

Recently the new boogie man of gun control has come forward. It's not a new thing. Americans have been able to manufacture their own self defense firearms since the founding of our nation with a few exceptions. Most notable among these were the British laws prohibiting any person from selling or trading weapons of any kind to Native Americans, Slaves, and indentured servants. These same laws also made it illegal for these groups to own or possess weapons of any kind. These laws were later extended to Catholics in any British colony. When this nation was born these laws were carried on as common law.

In the 1857 Dred Scott decision the United States Supreme court wrote that no slave could be a citizen because then the "negro" would be able to own guns for defense.

Recently the BATFE and the United States Justice department have been using these, obviously outdated and blatantly racist, decisions for their new gun control agenda. after the nyspa vs bruen decision the atf and justice department need to show a historical precident when creating new rules and backing those rules up in court. The ATF response, we cant find a good law from the founding so lets use these.

Getting back to the boogie man. There are 3 ways i know of to get a "ghost" gun. #1) buy a pre 1968 firearm. up to that point firearms did not need to be serialized. #2 make your own firearm. it has been a long tradition in America to be self-sufficient. building your own firearm from a kit or raw material makes one appreciate the firearm just a bit more. #3) The bad guy's just file that serial number off. creating their Un serialized, untraceable firearm.

Number 3 is what our current leaders should be focused on. The lawful and responsible gun owners of America are not out here committing crimes with their polymer 80 or any other unfinished receiver. Why create laws to punish those lawful gun owners when it's those criminals destroying the serial numbers off, most likely, stolen firearms. The laws proposed by our administration serve only to punish those of us who are law abiding responsible citizens who just want to protect our families and communities.

Be safe, Be responsible, Be prudent in the safety and defense of your family.

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