Modeltown Firearms Transfer Policy

Effective date: December 16th, 2023


Fees are not negotiable. Some websites make it very difficult to adjust prices of transfer fees. Now that we are growing our prices will reflect that. Determine whether the price we charge is a better deal than the site you are buying from then include transfer fees before buying online.


Customers who purchase firearms or NFA items directly from us will have priority and are not subject to a transfer fee. Contact us to schedule a day and time that works best for you.


We will happily receive firearms purchased from other FFLs or online dealers and facilitate the transfer for you. Our online store offers many of the same models. We reserve the right to charge any level of transfer fee we feel is appropriate.

Firearms arriving directly from our distribution network (drop shipped) will incur the full transfer fee price, $50. In addition, any firearm available in our network that the customer does not give us an opportunity to price match is subject to the full price transfer.

If we do not offer the same model online or in stock, the transfer fee is $30 per firearm, paperwork generated from each transfer is the same.

Members of The West Branch Sportsmen's Club located in Skandia MI will receive a discounted rate of $20 total for up to 3 firearms per transaction. Must show current membership card.

We ask that you contact us before ordering, in many cases we can match the price if prepaid. This is not necessary but is appreciated. Email is the best way to contact us. Once we receive the firearm, we will process it within 2 days (usually the same day) and then contact you to schedule an appointment to complete the paperwork and background check. If you track the firearm and show up before we can enter it into our system please be respectful. We are working as efficiently as possible. Any demands and we reserve the right to ship back to the original FFL at your expense. Transfers will only be done for the individual listed on the order paperwork.


It is the responsibility of the transferee to know if they are legally eligible to possess a firearm, receiver, etc. before making any online firearm purchase. It is also your responsibility to know and understand the return policy of the online dealer you have purchased from.

Should a transferee be delayed by the NICS background check system, the firearm(s) will remain in the possession of Modeltown Firearms.

A delayed message means the FBI needs to do additional research to verify the transferee’s background. Suppose the FBI cannot make a determination (proceed or deny) within 5 business days of a background check. In that case, Modeltown Firearms will transfer the firearm per the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993.

Should a transferee be denied by the NICS background check system, the firearm(s) will remain in the possession of Modeltown Firearms. It is the responsibility of the transferee to arrange for the firearm to be returned to the original seller. The transferee must contact us within 7 days to provide a shipping label, pay the transfer fee, and any other packaging/shipping fees that may be applicable before the firearm is returned.

Modeltown Firearms will provide the transferee with a NICS resolution card outlining how to request the reason for denial or how to challenge the denial. Those resources can also be found online below:

While it is possible to challenge a denial, Modeltown Firearms will not hold firearms during that process. The process often takes many months. All firearm purchases/transfers that are denied need to be returned to the original seller. If, for any reason, you are unable to send the firearm back to the original seller, Modeltown Firearms may offer you up to 50% of the MAP or MSRP, whichever is lower, for the firearm(s).


We transfer suppressors, short-barreled rifles (SBRs), short-barreled shotguns (SBS), and Any Other Weapon (AOWs).

The fee for NFA transfers from other FFLs or manufacturers is $100 per item. This fee includes filing the ATF Form 4, fingerprints, and photos. Storage fees for NFA transfers are an additional fee that varies depending on the size of the item. The transfer fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

The transfer fee does not include the cost of the tax stamp, trust (if not filing as an individual), Responsible Person Questionnaire (RPQ ATF Form 5320.23) if adding additional people to the trust, or a copy of the fingerprints, or photos.

NFA items are not subject to the same abandonment rules as they may take a painfully long time to be approved. NFA transfer items will however be charged a discounted Storage rate due to special circumstances needed to secure the Items. The size of the item will determine the Rate.


If the firearm(s) remain in our procession for more than 14 days after the date Modeltown Firearms notifies the customer, the customer will incur a storage fee of $5 per day. The accumulated fees must be paid to pick up the firearm(s). 30 days after the customer is notified that the firearm is available or if the storage fees exceed the fair market value or MSRP(if new), whichever comes first, the firearm(s) will be considered abandoned and become the property of Modeltown Firearms.

If any other products outside of firearms remain in our procession for more than 30 days after receiving notification, they will be considered abandoned and become property of Modeltown Firearms. We are not a free storage space please be respectful.

For any questions or concerns regarding our Transfer Policy, you may contact us at or (906) 235-2816

Modeltown Firearms Transfer fees and policy.

Modeltown firearms will accept transfers from any online retailer. Our fee schedule is listed below.


$50- All new firearms shipped from our distribution network (listed below), but not ordered from modeltown firearms or modeltown

$30- any used firearm or any firearm not available thru modeltown firearms website or network.

$20- Members of the Westbranch Sportsmens Club.

All firearms shipped directly from these distributors but not ordered thru modeltown firearms will be subject to highest tier fee. Dropshipped distributors: Bear Creek Arsenal, Chattanooga Shooting, Crow Shooting Supply, CWS, Davidsons Inc., DPMS panther arms, Lipsey's, MGE, Palmetto State Armory.

All transfer fees must be paid prior to submission of background check. It is the responsibility of the customer to know if they are a prohibited person.

Full policy listed below