New Gun Laws Going into Effect in February 2024: Implications for Firearms Vendors at Michigan Gunshows

In February of 2024, Michigan will begin enforcing laws barring private sales without a background check. Modeltown Firearms is offering to conduct the nics check for those at the show. Fees will vary depending on type of firearm but we will not price gouge or take advantage of those private party sales.

Josh Emery

1/17/20242 min read

silhouette of person on window
silhouette of person on window

The year 2024 will bring about significant changes to Michigan gun laws, with new regulations set to take effect in February. These changes have left many firearms vendors concerned about the impact on their ability to trade firearms. One such vendor, Modeltown Firearms, has devised a solution to address these concerns.

Under the new regulations, Modeltown Firearms will be responsible for performing the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) check for firearms at gun shows they are also a vendor. This additional step aims to enhance safety and ensure that firearms do not fall into the wrong hands and provide a solution to the new background check required for all long guns in addition to pistols. However, this service will come at a cost.

Modeltown Firearms will charge a small fee for conducting the NICS check on behalf of vendors. The fee can either be paid directly by the vendor or passed on to the person they are trading with. This flexibility allows vendors to decide how they want to handle the cost, depending on their individual circumstances.

While some vendors may be concerned about the financial implications of this fee, it is important to recognize the benefits that come with complying with the new gun laws. By conducting thorough background checks, vendors can contribute to a safer trading environment and help prevent firearms from ending up in the wrong hands. This does add an extra step and though Modeltown Firearms does not agree with the change we are prepared to help those wanting to trade or purchase from individuals.

Additionally, entrusting the NICS check to a reliable and experienced entity like Modeltown Firearms can alleviate some of the administrative burden for vendors. Instead of having to navigate the intricacies of the background check process themselves, vendors can rely on the expertise of Modeltown Firearms to handle this aspect of the transaction.

It is crucial for vendors to familiarize themselves with the specific details of the new gun laws and understand their obligations. Staying informed and up to date on the latest regulations will enable vendors to adapt their business practices accordingly and ensure compliance.

Furthermore, vendors should consider the potential long-term benefits of embracing these changes. By demonstrating a commitment to safety and responsible trading practices, vendors can enhance their reputation and build trust with customers and the wider community. We do not agree with this new regulation from Michigan, however, we will comply because as our founder likes to say "I'm too pretty for prison, I got moobs and a nice ass, so I'm literally f'cked."

As the implementation date for the new gun laws approaches, it is essential for firearms vendors and private individuals trading their collections to proactively prepare for the changes. Engaging with entities like Modeltown Firearms, who offer services to facilitate compliance, can help vendors navigate the evolving landscape of gun regulations and continue their operations smoothly.

In conclusion, the new gun laws set to take effect in February 2024 have raised concerns among firearms vendors at gun shows, many of whom are private individuals trading their collections. However, by working with trusted entities like Modeltown Firearms and adapting their business practices, vendors can ensure compliance and contribute to a safer trading environment. Vendors must stay informed and embrace these changes as an opportunity to enhance their reputation and build trust with customers.